The Road Less Traveled

At a cross road he stands,
To continue the same life,
Or To be a better man,
A boy is all he knows,
Examines the con’s, then the pro’s,
Keeps a bright outlook,
Made his decision, the first step he took,

He weighs his options, go left or go right,
Make my own path? then he sees a light,
This all could have been different,
Wishes he could go back and change that one night,

His guide has to much pride to teach him so he hides,
Gives direction in random moments I guess to show him he’s alive,
The young man wouldn’t dare let that be an excuse for mediocrity,
And army of one, the fatherless son,
With God he will be all he can be

No rite of passage to get him past this,
Feeling of emptiness inside,
No lesson learned kept him from getting burned,
When he fell in love with a harlot’s eyes,
Trial by fire, heart of gold is the result,
No time for rest, another battle to be faught

A metaphysical force pushes his spirits to the max,
His soul weary longing for time to relax,
No divine word has he heard to relate to this matter,
He continues to push forward, deals with the consequences after,

His anatomy gradually shifts to a mature male,
Broader shoulders brings more place holders,
Childs play is gone, begins to regret getting older,
He sees the world is a winter wonderland, its much colder,

No victory in sight, he continues to climb
Thinking a living hell would be relief, for this soul of mine
Looks around for help, sees there’s not many of his kind
“This isn’t just for me,” he keeps that in mind

Through all the pain and all the sorrow his demeanor never changed,
He realizes nothing in this world nothing can be arranged,
In the distances he hears a faint voice,
my son, troubles won’t last you always,
The words inspire him to continue his journey,
He now has hope for better days.

Knowing that he hasn’t reached his goal,
And although his choice has taken its toll,
He envisions himself as a champion embattled
He puts one foot in front of the other,
On the road less traveled.

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