The New CP(Colored People) Time

Arriving five, ten, even thirty minutes late is typical of Black folk. This delayed arrival is affectionately known as CP (colored people) time. Worship services, parties, rehearsals, weddings and even funerals rarely begin on time because of the late arrival of our people. Even outside of our ethnic community, our tardiness has been accounted for… until now.

Recent events have tested the fabric of the Black community. The domestic terrorist attack in South Carolina, the growing number of church burnings, the unwarranted killing of Black men and women have driven the Black community and church to RESPOND with rallies, protests and even riots, but we are late to the party.

Rather than being reactive, the black community must regain our proactive spirit. It should not take death for us to affirm the value of our young Black men and women; it should not take terrorism for us to reach across denominational lines and pray; it should not take tragedy for us to display the love of Christ. It is time for the Black church to lead the Black community to valuing the cause and not the effect. Our time under God is Now. It’s Time. It’s Colored People Time.

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