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I’m in Recovery: Anger

Hi my name is Brennen and I am addicted to anger… [insert Hi, Brennen]. I have been addicted to anger for as long as I can remember. Since I was young, anger was my go-to […]

Letter to my Father

In honor of the month of Love and the Celebration of Black People as a whole, I am sharing with you all a piece of the story of reconciliation between My Father and myself. Hope my story can help someone else live theirs.

Snow Day Shenanigans

I guess I got the snow I was looking for in New York back here in Arkansas… Either way I’m happy I got SNOW!!! Shout out to my little home skillet Leah who was my […]


Robert Griffin III, former quarter back for the Washington NFL team, became my favorite player in the NFL this past Monday. After clearing out his locker he left a powerful message behind… The message was simply […]


Patience, The redundancy of time going by as you await the opportunity to arise, Standing looking at the clock go, Tick tock tick tock, Eyes wide shut off to the peripheral, Tunnel vision ignore the […]