Stole of Graditude

Let me first say thank you… to everyone. Everyone that liked a pic, commented on a pic or shared. To those who sent text messages, phone calls, left voice messages, etc… To the to the few who sent cards and my family who actually came to my graduation, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

But there is one person who I must thank personally. My Father, Aaron Boose. He has attended every graduation I have had, in spite of our, at times, strained relationship. He made it there. But this one is special. I can tell him or you all how much it meant to me.

My Father flew in 2 days early and we were able to chill and enjoy each others company like we never have before. I appreciated the time joking, laughing, talking and eating (we ate real good). The love we shared was something that we never had before. My Father stayed with me all weekend, even when my mother, siblings, nieces and nephew came. 13 people were in my 3 bedroom house with one bathroom and no one died lol. My Father even slept on the couch the entire weekend.

All of that was amazing but what makes it even more special is that fact that my Father is in the middle of a fight with cancer. CANCER!!! Im sure there were better places for him to be and I would’ve understood if he didn’t make it. But he made it. I can’t even find the words to type. All I have is tears falling down my face. Knowing that in the middle of the fight of my Father’s life, he made a point to come share this moment with me. I mean he left Arkansas Monday and went back to New York Tuesday for another round of treatment. Im speechless.

I wish i could cure his cancer and give him the world for that sacrifice, but even that wouldn’t be enough. But PTC gave me another way to honor him. All of the graduates were given an all white stole that was deemed the stole of gratitude. It was a complete surprise to me and I struggled to think of who I would share it with. As the excitement and joy calmed down and it was just me and my Father at the house I looked at the stole I knew who deserved it. #Aaronstrong.

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