The redundancy of time going by as you await the opportunity to arise,
Standing looking at the clock go,
Tick tock tick tock,
Eyes wide shut off to the peripheral,
Tunnel vision ignore the residual effect of each breath taken,
Ya heart once chasing now racing a turtle,
Focused on time the redundancy of time, Tick tock tick tock.

Waiting faith fainting that you ever get that call,
Big hopes look more like obstacles that were small,
Emotions so impatient feelings so fleeting,
Passed out efforts to connect the dots that have yet to be painted,
Aiming at targets that have yet to be raised,
Imaginational practice of what could happen if your faith and hope were rewarded,
If the emotions and feelings remained strong you carry on,
Focused on the redundancy of time,
Tick tock tick tock

Its easy to become complacent,
Sad faces in need of a face lift,
Find pleasure in the memories of a  future,
Fabricated in the meadows of dreams and wishes,
Hoping bad karma does serve you the cold dishes,
Mind games becomes ya main course what if,
Of course the discourse leaves your hands coarse,
from every time you turned the wheel to change course,
Now I’m forced to divorce from my emotions and feelings with no remorse,
I lost focus, on the redundancy of time,
Tick tock tick tock

Then finally that day comes,
“What are you doing sunday around 8?”,
Im free at 7, i refuse to be late,
Wouldn’t dare miss a second,
Lawd thank you for this blessing,
This answered prayer,
from a heart of doubt and despair,
To you standing there,
My dreams couldnt do you justice,
Face so gorgeous hair so luscious,
Skin so soft though few in touches,
And yet,
The moment isnt right,
This isnt the night,
But if it happen this time,
Theres hope for next time,
My heart syncing with the redudency of time,
Tick tock tick tock,

The reward of being patient.

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