Mother of a Lifetime: Mother Walker

I could never walk by you without giving you a hug. And on the off chance that I did your subtle but stern voice would remind me of the gift I was forgetting. Had I known the last time we hugged it would be our last, I would’ve held on a little longer.

Blood couldn’t make you any more my family than you already are. Your loved touched every person that was close to you. Im simply grateful that I was touched by the you and the wonderful family you raised.

You always made one request of me, “You take care of your mother.” It was more of a demand than a request though. I didn’t fully understand that request until I heard my mother talk about the inspiration you were to her. She spoke with admiration about the dedication you displayed and sacrifices you made to ensure that your home and family were at peace.

I will honor your request but I have one from you. When I get to heaven with you, I’m gonna need one more of those hugs. Thank you Mother Walker for your life, witness and most of all your love. Rest in Love.

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