Robert Griffin III, former quarter back for the Washington NFL team,┬ábecame my favorite player in the NFL this past Monday. After clearing out his locker he left a powerful message behind… The message was simply be who God made you regardless of the situations, personalities or circumstances you are in.

After a wonderful 1st week of 2016 I needed to hear that. There have been a few attacks on my character and who I am as a person that honestly pissed me off. But RG3’s note reminded me to Love ANYWAY.

That’s a hard concept for me. I have learned to love when loved and be nice when someone is nice, but loving when someone would blatantly lie or misrepresent the truth is a hard concept. In all honesty, I DON’T WANT TO.

They should receive the same if not worst treatment they give to me and it’s my responsibility to give it to them…

That’s typically my mindset. But this past Monday I remembered┬áthe mindset I should have but I suppressed because it hurt. It hurts to extend yourself over and above; always giving of yourself with no restrictions; stretching beyond your limits only to have the person you are stretching for spit in your face. And they will never know your sacrifices or how their actions affect you but I’m supposed to Love ANYWAY. It’s not fair.

Well I’ve learned love isn’t fair, and just because someone doesn’t recognize they love you show that doesn’t mean you stop showing love. God made us to love and at the end of the day as long as He knows my thoughts, intentions and actions, I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me. So this day, this week and for the rest of my life I will Love ANYWAY, because that’s who I am… a LOVEr.

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