Letter to my Father

My first memory of us is visiting you in jail. I remember bringing a pen a pad in and the guards telling me that I couldn’t bring either in. All I wanted to do was write with my father. I was in elementary school. I loved to write and draw and I just wanted to see my father write. I had your letter and drawings. I had even taken some of the letters to wrote to my mother and read qthem. I tried to write just like you. I wanted to draw just like you. I traced the pictures you drew me. I wanted to create something with my pops, my dad, my father.

I even remember writing a letter to you and asking my mother how to spell pregnant; she was pregnant with my younger brother. I wanted to tell you and have you share in my excitement. She told me she would tell you.So I didn’t write and I haven’t written since then; until now. This is my letter to my father.

Dad, I love you. I have always loved you. I have been extremely angry and hurt but that is only because I have loved you. I thank God for having you as my father. I thank God for the man you are. Our relationship has led me to a deeper relationship and understanding of Him. It’s because of you that I am the man I am. I will always love you for that. For all of our memories I love you. For all of our laughs I love you. For being my Father I love you.

I ask that you forgive me for my disobedience and the disrespect I have shown you as your son. I have not always called you father or shown you the respect you deserve as a part of the pair that gave me life. I have been jealous of the love I saw you show my other siblings and even people who weren’t your children because I felt like I never got that from you. I was even jealous of my mother because of the relationship you had with her. I ask your forgiveness Dad for my misguided emotions. You deserve better than that.

I am and will always be your son and no matter my anger over our past I am proud of you. I am proud of the man you are. I am proud to say Aaron Boose is my father. Over these past few months I have been dealing with the fact that I might lose you before I feel like I get to really be your son. That has been the hardest part. I cry every time I think of it. I have always wanted to feel like your son and it wasn’t until tonight that I felt like your son. God showed me how I have always been your son. From my humor, to my abilities, to my height, my mannerisms, even to the fact I don’t go anywhere without my bookbag. I have and will always be your loving son. I love you pops and wouldn’t trade you for the world.

with love YOUR SON, Brennen DeShawn Boose


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    Toshia Mitchell

    AS a parent knowing how much your words effect your children is never more real than seeing how they effect their lives. Reminded me of when we ministered together in Arkansas. Never easy hearing how your stuff turned into your kids stuff I encourage you to follow me all the way to healing cause thats not my stuff anymore not living a all or nothing life. Living a life full of forgiveness and moving on. Thats a esson you taught me. I love you to the moon and back.

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