How Selfish of I

My eyes are speaking
Can’t you hear the faint drops
Nah not on the outside can’t show that I’m alive and that every word you say counts

My minds wandering in circles
Im startin to have doubts
Was I born into this world or was I a manifestation of your past accounts???

Wish I could take a cloth
Just to wipe the salt from my face
The words hide on the inside because on the outside there is no place

For a sign of weakness
A display of meekness
That’s when u get labeled
“see I told u he wasn’t stable”

I only do what I am able
And no I do not do everything that I am capable
But honestly if i had thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much talent with this much space what would u do with it

I can’t give u everything I got 100% of the time
But I will give 150% when its my time to shine
But that doesn’t fit on your schedule how could I be so unkind I’ll sit here and wait let me kno when its my time

Its your world do what you do
Ima jus sit back and recline
All I wanted was to think that a part of this world and a piece of this life was mine
Who am I kidding… how selfish of i

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