30×30: That’s Not You…

You used to have an infactuation with being a morning baby. You don’t know why, maybe it was because a bunch of your friend were born in the morning. Or maybe it was because you […]

Stole of Graditude

Let me first say thank you… to everyone. Everyone that liked a pic, commented on a pic or shared. To those who sent text messages, phone calls, left voice messages, etc… To the to the […]

Unlearn Me

Every child has that moment of curiosity. In our minds we weigh the consequences of our actions as much as our immature minds can… And then it happens. The decision is made and we go […]

I’m in Recovery: Anger

Hi my name is Brennen and I am addicted to anger… [insert Hi, Brennen]. I have been addicted to anger for as long as I can remember. Since I was young, anger was my go-to […]

Letter to my Father

In honor of the month of Love and the Celebration of Black People as a whole, I am sharing with you all a piece of the story of reconciliation between My Father and myself. Hope my story can help someone else live theirs.

God I need you!!!

Dear God I need you. I need your love, your care, your direction, your presence, your wisdom, your knowledge, I need all of you right now. I am struggling with feelings of failure and poor decision making […]

Snow Day Shenanigans

I guess I got the snow I was looking for in New York back here in Arkansas… Either way I’m happy I got SNOW!!! Shout out to my little home skillet Leah who was my […]