Author: Brennen Boose


Robert Griffin III, former quarter back for the Washington NFL team, became my favorite player in the NFL this past Monday. After clearing out his locker he left a powerful message behind… The message was simply […]

The New CP(Colored People) Time

Arriving five, ten, even thirty minutes late is typical of Black folk. This delayed arrival is affectionately known as CP (colored people) time. Worship services, parties, rehearsals, weddings and even funerals rarely begin on time […]


Patience, The redundancy of time going by as you await the opportunity to arise, Standing looking at the clock go, Tick tock tick tock, Eyes wide shut off to the peripheral, Tunnel vision ignore the […]

How Selfish of I

My eyes are speaking Can’t you hear the faint drops Nah not on the outside can’t show that I’m alive and that every word you say counts My minds wandering in circles Im startin to […]