30×30: That’s Not You…

You used to have an infactuation with being a morning baby. You don’t know why, maybe it was because a bunch of your friend were born in the morning. Or maybe it was because you wanted to be one of the first babies born on April 11th 1988…. Whatever it was you were captivated by that idea.

I still remember the way your heart


9 dropped when you read that piece of paper that said you were born at 4:02……….. PM. But here’s the lesson. That’s not you. The morning is someone else’s time to shine, be great and enjoy. That time isn’t for you…. You don’t even like the mornings lol. Just remember this….. when the sun rises most of the world is asleep and miss the beauty that is a sunrise. When a sunsets those same people are wide awake and still miss the beauty that is a sunset. MAKE THEM NOTICE IT!!!

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