God I need you!!!

Dear God I need you. I need your love, your care, your direction, your presence, your wisdom, your knowledge, I need all of you right now. I am struggling with feelings of failure and poor decision making but GodI know you can make our failures triumphs and my worst decisions into the best decisions of my life. But father I need you to communicate with me and give me your peace. The peace that passes all understanding. Father give me your peace to have the difficult conversations, give me the peace I need to make the difficult choices, give me the peace I need to follow the path you have for me. Father I am not sure of your plan for me. Reassure me you are with me. Help me to strengthen my faith in your plan God. Avail your wisdom and understanding to me father. Help me to clear my minds, my heart and spirit and spend quality time with you. Listening to your voice and communicating with you. Father with all that I am facing it is hard to understand what is going on and take time to listen but God I pray you still my heart, mind and soul and you give me the mind that was also in Christ, God. God I need you. Make you presence known to me. I love you. In Jesus name I pray Amen.


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    Amen! He will, just continue to ask for the faith to trust Him more…It’s hard sometimes, but He will see us through all things. I invite you to check my blog at Godsfruitful.net Because I’ve had to search Him out too. We all will at some point more than ever before. God Bless you and I will lift your name in prayer.

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